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7/11/2007 - TotalCalendar Security Patch ***Update*** Available
An update has been released for TotalCalendar that fixes some the sql injection security hole of TotalCalendar.  Get the update here.

7/11/2006 - TotalCalendar 2.402 Update Released
An update has been released for TotalCalendar that fixes some layout issues.  It also fixes errors when changing or creating new calendars.  Be sure to update your calendar to get the latest fixes.

5/1/2006 - TotalCalendar 2 Security Patch ***Update*** Available
A new security patch has been posted that has been confirmed to fix the security vulnerability.

4/24/2006 - TotalCalendar 2 Security Patch Available
A security flaw has been reported and fixed in TotalCalendar 2.0 and above.  The patch is located in our Downloads section here.  If you have TotalCalendar 2.0 or above, please apply this patch as a security measure.

6/22/2005 - TotalCalendar 2.2 Released
A new TotalCalendar release is now available.  If you would like to upgrade your TotalCalendar system, please email and you will receive the instructions.  There will soon be an easier system for upgrading, but for now just send the email request.  For a list of updates, see the TotalCalendar page.

5/28/2005 - Lottery System Added
We have added a lottery system to SweetPHP where we will periodically give away free software.  In order to participate, all you have to do is be a registered member of the site prior to the starting date of the lottery.  Don't worry, if you missed the starting date of the current lottery, there will be more to come.  All site members will have an equal chance to win the lottery.  Each day, several members will be eliminated from the lottery race and the last one remaining wins.  Good luck!

5/25/2005 - PHP Classes added to Downloads section
Two useful PHP classes have been added to our downloads section.  There is a CSV import class which will allow you to easily import data from a CSV file into a MySQL table on your server.  The other class is a CMS conversion class that allows you to more easily create modules for PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, and CPGNuke.  It will take your existing code and format it to work with the CMS of your choice.  This is the class that allows TotalCalendar to work with all these CMS's and be a standalone application at the same time.  Very useful if you are new to writing your own modules. Pages List

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