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- TotalCalendar 2.4 -

Below you will see a list of features not currently available, but will be coming soon in a future updated release. You can see the progress we are making here. If you don't see a feature in the list that you would like to see, please visit our FORUMS and tell us your suggestions. We value everyone's opinion and we always strive to give you what you want.

Feature Complete
Allow events from ALL calendars to be displayed in the calendar month and day views.

Comments: This will allow a calendar to act as a "collection" of events from all other calendars. It will easily let visitors see events from all calendars without the need to browse each one individually.

Completed on: March 1, 2005
List view for Main Calendar

Comments: Allow the option to make the Main Calendar a list of dates/events for the month rather than a visual calendar style.

Completed on: February 22, 2005
Random dates event

Comments: A new event "repetition" method that will allow the user to choose random dates for the event to occur on and no repetition pattern. All event occurrences will be manually chosen.
Make the category indicator easily changeable

Comments: Allow the admin to easily change the colored "•" symbol which is used to distinguish events between different categories.

Completed on: March 1, 2005
Category filter

Comments: Allow visitors to view events from only specific categories in the main calendar

Completed on: March 1, 2005
Default Calendar

Comments: Allow the admin to set/change the calendar that is displayed on the opening page by default. Any calendar can be set as the default.

Completed on: March 1, 2005
Built-in HTML Editor

Comments: Implement a built-in HTML editor for event descriptions. This will allow users to create HTML event descriptions easily without the need to know HTML scripting. (FCKeditor)

Completed on: February 22, 2005
Default User Access

Comments: Allow admins to set/change the default permissions for newly registered users in each calendar.
Private Calendars

Comments: Allow admins to set calendars as publically viewable or hidden. This will allow certain calendar to only be viewable by certain members if set.
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