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- TotalViewer -

Download TotalViewer Here

(The current version is a phpNuke module only) 

TotalViewer is a new file display/sharing tool designed for phpNuke.  TotalViewer is based on the ideas of TotalIndex, but enhanced to give more power and flexibility.  With TotalViewer you can create and display shared folders on your webserver for your members and site visitors to access.  With this tool you can give access to view and/or download the files inside the folders you specify.  Along with this, it even has the option to let your members download entire folders in a .zip or .tgz archive format.  With each shared folder you create, you can also specify certain files, folders, and extensions to hide from viewing.  You may also specify a folder description with any information or instructions for your visitors which will be displayed at the top of the folder.

Another powerful feature of TotalViewer is it's User Groups capability.  With each folder you create, you can also create user groups with different access levels for each folder.  This means you can setup certain folders that are not accessible (or only viewable) by site visitors, but at the same time it can allow site members to dowload files from the folder.  You define which users belong to which User Groups, and can therefore set different access levels for any member/visitors on your site.  It can even be used to display files and folders that are not located inside the web root of your server.

Here are a few screen shots of TotalViewer in action...


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